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  • Digital transformation & MES systems

    Digital transformation refers to the process through which companies integrate technologies across their operations to drive fundamental change.

    Digital transformation is the redesigning of business for the digital age. The benefits of digital transformation are manifold, this is for sure revealed by any supplier of the digital solutions on the market.

    However, the journey may be troublesome if proper guidance and thorough analysis has not been made upfront or initially in the process of using digital technologies to create new or modify existing business processes. Irrespectively if the client is seeking digitization(converting analog data to digital form) or digitalization(using digital technologies to transform business processes), this analysis and preparation can be done system agnostic (before clients has selected the brand of system and system vendor) but no later than at the very early stage. It can be a very costly affaire to jump straight into the system without a strategy and Process Thinking plan.

    Quatre excellences in analysing processes - system agnostic - in accordance with ISA S99 and hold a well-proven methodology to visualise the goal and the pathway to the goal.

    System experience:
    Level 3-systems: PAS-X by K├Ârber, LMES by NNE, Syncade by Emersom
    And related integrations to level 4-systems: SAP and Oracle
    As well as level-2 system: SCADA-systems, DCS-systems - 800xA.