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Quatre : +45 26 14 94 03


  • Owner, Founder & CEO, Heidi Kaas-Pedersen

    Heidi founded Quatre in 2007 and has managed the company as CEO since. Heidi, who graduated from DTU (Technical Univesity of Denmark) in 1993, has for many years had a solid career as a process specialist and project manager in various parts of Novo Nordisk. She has been a pioneer in the development of new production methods. She broke with old habits at the company, and she convinced the biggest critics that new production methods were possible and profitable.

    Subsequently Heidi was headhunted to NNE, where she worked as process designer and project manager in the establishment of pharmaceutical production. The last years in NNE Heidi was expatriated to France, partly as a project manager and partly as head of the IT/Automation department in NNE's French subsidiary. After her return to Denmark, Heidi was employed by A.P. Moller Maersk, where Heidi worked in the 'Process Excellence' department with the analysis and optimization of processes in parallel with being certified as Six Sigma Black Belt®.

    Heidi decided in 2007 to found her own company. A company that should have focus on process improvement, and project management, and in particular based on the concept Thinking Process ™. Heidi is a certified teacher of Edward de Bono's: Six Thinking Hats® and Six Value Medals®.

    More about Heidi :
    +45 2614 9403

    Owner & Senior Partner, Carsten Kaas-Pedersen

    Carsten has since 2010 been owner and partner in Quatre Thinking Process ApS. Carsten is a graduate engineer specializing in production management from DTU (Technical Univesity of Denmark) in 1998. He spent 11 years at Novo Nordisk. First, working with logistics and production management and later as one of the pioneers in developing the company's own version of LEAN. The first year focused on production and since in research and development.

    In his work - both as an employee and as self-employed - Carsten has participated in many different types of improvement projects, and has worked in many different functional areas: sterile production, packaging and assembly lines, administrative processes, laboratories and more knowledge-based development processes.

    Part of Carsten's work has taken place abroad where he during a two year period has managed to bridge between the subsidiaries' expectations and needs, and headquarters visions and strategies. Carsten has served as manager and as head of a central LEAN department. He has been leading major global projects with partners and project members from all over the world.

    Finally, Carsten has also been responsible for the development and implementation of various training activities.

    More about Carsten :
    +45 2514 7241